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Being here in South Korea is good. I hope we stay safe and that the USA and UN help deter the North from their madness. We live under constant threat of Kim Jung-Il’s insanity. People in South Korea have acquired a persona that ignores the threats. They’ve been living with it for 60 years. I don’t believe most people across the world realize that the North and South are literally still at war because a peace treaty was never signed — just a cease fire was agreed by both sides. Yet the North has repeatedly broke its promise. China does not help, although that may change since the sinking of the navel ship Cheonan. China cares more about the thousands¬† of refugees who will end up across its borders and what the costs will be for China; stopping the regime in North Korea and actually caring about the starving people is not at the top of China’s concerns. This subject is in our news here almost everyday. I find ignoring it very difficult.

At the same time I am having an incredible experience of life. I have so much love within and around me and basically feel great, even at 57 years old with some gray hairs on my head and bunions on my big toes. Sometimes I feel so good that I wonder how this feeling could be possible when the oil spill in the gulf is so bad and North Korea is so crazy. I am so grateful to have this ability to appreciate my life.
Thanks Mr. Prem for teaching me.

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